$ 17.50

Ethiopia Reko - 12 oz.

Year after year we come back to this gem from the Reko washing station because of its bright acidity and complexity. We often notice subtle differences in the flavor profile of this coffee through the seasons (some of our favorite flavor notes being juicy grapefruit, tropical mango, and ripe berry). This year, We're happy to be able to offer this coffee for another season, and fully enjoy the best the Yirgacheffe region has to offer.

The name Reko comes from the Reko Mountain located in the Kochere region of Ethiopia where the washing station for this coffee is located. Roughly 850 smallholder coffee farmers from surrounding areas contribute their beans to this washing station. The word Reko translated in Afaan Oromo means challenge; highlighting the challenge these producers have overcome to cultivate some of the best coffee in the region.