Rwanda Kabirizi Kabere - 12 oz.
Rwanda Kabirizi Kabere - 12 oz.
Rwanda Kabirizi Kabere - 12 oz.
$ 17.50

Rwanda Kabirizi Kabere - 12 oz.

Tasting notes: Molasses, plum, cinnamon
When we think of our favorite Rwandan coffees, rich body, palate-saturating sweetness and ripe stone fruits come to mind. This year's offering delivers on all fronts. It's heavy on the tongue for an African coffee, without sacrificing clear, crisp fruit notes. While this is a versatile coffee, consider favoring either a flat-bottom dripper like the Kalita Wave or a full immersion brewer like the Aeropress to draw out the sweeter, richer tones.
We've sourced most of our Rwandan offerings over the years from the 8,000 member COOPAC cooperative, a Fair Trade and organic certified producer. We keep going back to their coffees because they're just too good to pass up. The careful attention that they pay to cultivation, harvest, and processing is revealed in the sweetness and clarity of flavor expressed in the cup. This year's lot comprises coffee that is grown and delivered by producers who live in Kabere village.
Producer COOPAC Cooperative
Region Northern Province
Process Washed
Elevation 1800 m
Cultivar Bourbon, Mayaguez
Coffee Certifications Fair Trade, Organic