Burundi Turihamwe - 12 oz.
$ 18.00

Burundi Turihamwe - 12 oz.


"With coffee, there's a journey in every cup. I wanted this piece to show that journey through its elaborate and multicolored steam design"  - Matt deForest Jenkins, Current Featured Artist

Over the years, we've featured a number of woman producer lots from East Africa, and they've all been exceptional. This coffee from the Turihamwe Turashoba (meaning "together we can") women's group delivers once again. In the cup, you'll find lots of fresh fruit notes, vanilla sweetness, and creamy body.

Even more impressive is that this is the Turihamwe's very first crop, grown on five farms all located in the Ngozi region of Burundi. The group members have pooled savings and use premiums earned through the International Women's Coffee Alliance (IWCA) Premium Program to grow their collective enterprise. They recently built their own wet mill, Gitemezi, where this coffee was processed.

This is also the second coffee in our Artist Collaboration Series. For each coffee, we present our featured artist with a preview sample to inform their creative process. This time, featured artist Matt deForest Jenkins had a very literal take on the experience of sitting with a cup and taking in the aromas. We can't wait to see where the next one goes! Check out our virtual gallery to see all of the illustrations and artists in the series. 

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