Colombia Finca El Naranjo - 12 oz.
Colombia Finca El Naranjo - 12 oz.
Colombia Finca El Naranjo - 12 oz.
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Colombia Finca El Naranjo - 12 oz.


Tasting notes: Chocolate, nougat, red grape

Did you ever wonder what a grape jelly snickers bar would taste like? This is what came to mind when we tasted this coffee. Brewed with a Hario V60 Dripper, we were so impressed by the upfront sweetness (think chocolate and caramel) and just a hint of nuttiness. But we really got excited when we tasted some nice fruit and balanced acidity that reminded us of red grapes or grape jelly. Just delicious! 

Producer Evelio Bados has worked tirelessly to cultivate Finca El Naranjo from untouched land to a thriving coffee farm that he and his children can rely on, to later be passed down from generation to generation. He juggled maintaining and expanding his own land while being an active farmworker on other farms to provide for himself and his family. Now that his labor of love has come to fruition, he hopes that his children will carry on in his legacy, and continue producing amazing coffees from Finca El Naranjo. 

Producer Evelio Bados, Finca El Naranjo
Region La Uniòn, Nariño, Colombia
Process Washed
Elevation 1900 m
Cultivar Castillo, Colombia

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