Costa Rica Finca Principe Azul Microlot - Yellow Honey - 12 oz.
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Costa Rica Finca Principe Azul Microlot - Yellow Honey - 12 oz.


Tasting Notes: Honey, gooseberries, lime, delicate body. 

Grown at the La Alquimia farm and processed at Cerro San Luis Micromill in Costa Rica's West Valley, this incredible coffee is all about nuanced flavors and delicate body. It's a delicious result of skillfully combining a unique coffee variety to Costa Rica (SL-28 was developed in Kenya) and a variation of the honey processing method that has become prominent throughout Central America, and most notably Costa Rica. 

This coffee is part of our Microlot Artist Collaboration Series. The label was designed by Phoebe Lo, inspired by her first sip. 

In the Cup

This coffee has a delicate body and character with complex notes of gooseberries, honey, apple pie spice and citrus candy.  The brew method we are loving is a Hario V60, which highlights the lighter body and complex fruit profile of this coffee.  

On Processing

This particular lot was grown at the Principe Azul farm, part of affiliated farms and a mill run by a pair of second-generation coffee-producing sisters and their husbands. The family farms are adjacent to one another, and the micromill they share is located at the family home not far away from the respective farms.

For a truly unique tasting experience, you can also try the coffee from the sibling farm, Finca El Venado. It's a rare opportunity to experience coffees of the same varietal and processing method and see how but taste the uniqueness of the terroir contributes to the unique taste profile of each coffees. 

What is Yellow Honey Process?

Yellow Honey is a variation of the Honey Process (and often thought of as mildest and closest to Washed coffees.) It also refers to the specific amount of mucilage that is removed from the coffee cherry and the drying time in order to achieve different "honey" levels and a particular finished profile. 

Coffee Bio 

Producer La Alquimia Farm, Cerro San Luis Micromill, Finca Principe Azul
Region Grecia, Naranjo, West Valley, Costa Rica
Process Yellow Honey
Elevation 1300–1600 m
Cultivar SL-28

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