Brio Flash Chilled Coffee


 Cold coffee, reimagined.

After over a year of development, we're excited to launch our newest cold coffee endeavor. Brio Flash Chilled. It is cold coffee brewed hot and rapidly chilled to preserve characteristics lost in other cold coffee preparations. We have been testing and developing the process for nearly a year and are very excited and proud of the results thus far. If you are local, we welcome you to our roastery to try Brio Flash Chilled. 

Here is a little more about Brio Flash Chilled from Nate, our Co-Founder/Vice-President & Director of Quality:

“We see Brio Flash Chilled as the next step in the evolution of cold coffee. It’s not yesterday’s hot brew left in the refrigerator overnight and it’s not cold brewed coffee, with its monochromatic profile. It took us time to figure out a method for locking in the flavor of hot brew in a cold format. Once we were comfortable with that step, we undertook further tests to settle on an optimum strength and extraction, which we tweak for each coffee we use for Brio Flash Chilled. All of our single origins behave a little differently in the roaster and in the brewer.
The art and science of coffee lies in the work that goes into expressing a coffee’s flavor potential at each of these levels. We worked with cold brew coffee for years, and always found it limiting in this regard. Brio Flash Chilled has opened a new realm in terms of optimizing flavor, and capturing that flavor in a bottled product that holds up over time and that we’re excited to drink.” 

So there you have it! Our current lineup currently includes Costa Rica Tarrazu and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe. We have limited releases of other exciting coffees periodically.   With varying flavor profiles, there's a Flash Chilled coffee to satisfy everyone's profile preferences. 

Our new 12-oz cans are available at the roastery, along with 32 & 64-oz growlers for takeout. We also supply Flash Chilled kegs, as still or as nitro for wholesale and retail customers. If you're interested in kegs for your business, let us know! Included, are these gorgeous tap handles from our friend Matt of Riven Studio


Burlington’s Foam Brewers was the first to serve Brio Flash Chilled on nitro, starting to offer the product at its Lake Street brewery over the last summer in 2017. You can still find it there, along with their excellent & creative beers. Brio Flash Chilled is also available in cans at City Market Coop, Healthy Living Market & Cafe, Commodities Natural Market (in Winooski).

If you or your business is interested in our Flash Chilled coffees, please let us know. We'd love to talk to you about how we can set up delivery for your reminagined cold coffee experience! If you'd like to see Flash Chilled in your favorite cafe, specialty grocer or another location, we'll be happy to connect with them. 


For pricing and more information on how to order Brio Flash Chilled for your business, contact Magda at