We are a specialty roaster, coffee boutique and tasting counter, located in the vibrant South End of Burlington, Vermont. Our mission is to share the love of specialty coffee and our open roastery and this website is a reflection of this. We are so happy you're here! 

brio. From the Italian, it means vigor, passion, spirit. This is our approach to the business of curating, roasting, and purveying specialty coffee. As a curator, we select only those of the finest quality from the top growers and cooperatives. As a roaster, we tease out the delicate sweetness, juicy acidity, and vibrant flavor latent in each coffee. As a purveyor, we work to educate the curious and build community for the passionate. With our coffees, we want to create unforgettable experiences that engage and connect people around us, in our community, and along the coffee supply chain.

About us, briefly:

  1. We are an open roastery. This is our main roasting facility, but we’ve opened it up to the public. Stop by anytime to see the whole process of turning green beans into delicious, freshly-roasted coffee.
  2. We sell whole bean coffee, cold brew, and the latest and greatest in brewing equipment.
  3. We have a tasting counter where you can learn more about coffee and brewing. Stop by Fridays at noon for a public cupping or schedule a brewing workshop.

We invite you to take a minute and explore our site and check out all the great coffee delights we have to offer. And, please, let us know if you have any questions!