Decaf Guatemala - 12 oz.
Decaf Guatemala - 12 oz.
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Decaf Guatemala - 12 oz.





We're so excited to have back one of our favorite decafs! Is this the best decaf you've ever tasted?  We'll let you be the judge, but rest assured that we are always on the quest to find the most delicious coffees for our decaf drinkers. This coffee, grown by women coffee farmers and members of the ASOBAGRI Association in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala, is no exception.

This coffee is also part of Café Femenino Guatemala, a one-of-a-kind sourcing program dedicated to helping women coffee farmers end poverty. It provides direct compensation to women farmers, empowering them to affect positive change in their communities.

In the Cup

On the cupping table, it stood out for its full body and intensity of flavor. In the cup, you'll find notes of milk chocolate and mild citrus acidity. As with all of our decafs, this coffee was decaffeinated using the chemical-free Mountain Water Process.

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