Maple Cask Rum Barrel Aged Coffee - Ethiopia Reko
Maple Cask Rum Barrel Aged Coffee - Ethiopia Reko
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Maple Cask Rum Barrel Aged Coffee - Ethiopia Reko

200 g Bottle (whole bean)

In our home, the beautiful state of Vermont, we are continuously impressed by the creativity, experimentation, and pursuit of quality we see in the people who live here and in the businesses they run. Working in such a place, we are inspired to explore uncharted territories of our own craft. One of our most successful experiments to date has been with barrel aging coffees. We’ve been playing around with combinations of coffee and barrels that work well and compliment each other.

Barrel: Maple Cask Rum

The barrel we used came from Mad River Distillers of beautiful Waitsfield, Vermont and their award-winning maple cask barrel rum. The barrel is unique in that after the rum is distilled from 100% demerera sugar, it is then aged in a barrel that has been previously used to age maple syrup. 

Into this special barrel we placed our floral and lemon-forward Ethiopia Reko. Once roasted, we found that the floral profile and natural sweetness of this coffee mingles well with the rich maple sweetness and tropical profile of the rum.

The result is an exquisitely unique brew. We recommend this one for rum-lovers and adventurous spirits.

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