Rosey Almond Milk Latte
Rosey Almond Milk Latte
$ 7.00

Rosey Almond Milk Latte



Seasonal Special!
This new collab with our friends and neighbors at Tomgirl - is a match made in heaven!
We pair our decadent Calypso espresso with the lush and creamy almond milk that is made with Medjool dates, rose petals and rose water. Topped off with a sprinkle of delicate edible rose petals, this is a perfectly indulgent treat. You deserve it!
(price is exclusive of tax) 
* NOTE: Pickup from 8am-2pm, Monday-Saturday. Estimated prep time: 5 minutes. We will make your drink for you when you arrive. When you're here, please either call 802-777-6641 or come to the door to announce your arrival.