Rwanda Gasharu - 12 oz.
$ 17.50

Rwanda Gasharu - 12 oz.

If you're looking for a coffee with a syrupy mouthfeel, high sweetness, and fruit dominated notes, look no further than this new natural-processed coffee from Rwanda.  It starts off sweet and rich, like a nice single origin chocolate. While you sip on it and let it cool, it develops beautifully to a jam-like cocord grape sweetness. Matched with plum and nectarine acidity, this coffee is the one for you, adventurous drinkers. 
The goal of the Gasharu Coffee Company is to facilitate bringing high-quality coffees from their farms in Rwanda to the cups of coffee drinkers in the US. Not only do they focus on producing high-quality coffee, but they promote a high standard of living for the coffee farmers in their community and company. Celestin Rumenerangabo began producing coffee in 1976, and his wife Gorrette Mukamurenzyi now manages the Gasharu washing station where over 300 farmers from 12 local coffee-growing villages bring their coffee cherries to be processed.

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