Sumatra Lintong - 12 oz.
Sumatra Lintong - 12 oz.
$ 16.00

Sumatra Lintong - 12 oz.


As with the naturally processed coffees that we offer, this iteration of a classic wet hulled Sumatra Lintong is distinctive in its preparation. Produced in the Lintongnihuta region of Sumatra, on the southern shores of Lake Toba, this coffee has received a lot of care before arriving at our door and what sets it apart from other coffees from this region. It is completely sun-dried and tripe picked and the earthy, woody, fermented notes that can sometimes dominate a Sumatran yield to delightfully clear and bright grapefruit acidity in this coffee, along with herbs and baking spices, nice sweetness (think butterscotch) and heavy body.  

We love the pop of acidity and the overall complexity of this coffee. There is so much going on in the cup and it makes us want to have another and another to fully explore all of its tantalizing flavors.

Producer Smallholder farmers
Region Lintongnihuta, Sumatra, Indonesia
Process Wet Hulled
Elevation 100 - 1400 m
Cultivar Ateng, Jember, Garundang

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