Artist Collaboration Series - Welcome to the Gallery!

We are excited to officially launch our brand new Artist Collaboration Series where we use our microlot and limited releases program to feature up and coming artists and their work.

We commission several illustrations for the limited releases throughout the year. We share the first sample roast of each coffee with the artist to see what the cup inspires and what creative magic finds its way onto the labels. Here are our collaborations so far....

Art and Coffee 


Artist Collaboration series Colombia Villa Soffy

The story that Emily (Brio roaster) shared with me about the coffee inspired thoughts of opportunity, growth and discovery. This idea continues to build off the narrative elements of previous labels. Here, we have our explorer searching for the 'perfect' cup in the ancient ruins of coffee gear."

"Our astronaut coffee lover seeks out a coffee smoother and sweeter than the milky way itself. Let's hope they can find it and not get lost among the stars.

Costa Rica coffee artist series 

"Our wanderer has found the place where two worlds co-exists. Deep in the Costa Rican forest where the line between reality and legend are blurred, wondrous things happen."


"The excitement and flavor blast had me thinking along the themes of "mystery" and the thrill of finding something new.  I wanted to play with the white of the label/bag behind it. By using the steam/smoke motif, I created "windows" to reveal the background and dissolving away to reveal something interesting and mysterious."


"With coffee, there is a journey in every cup. I wanted this piece to show that journey through its elaborate and multicolored design.



Current Artist 

Meet Matt deForest Jenkinsour first featured artist of this series. Matt is not only a talented illustrator and designer, but also a talented barista which makes this first collaboration extra special.  We fell in love with Matt's work several years ago for its whimsical visuals, stunning color compositions and overall playfulness.

Check out Matt's work here and on Instagram:@matt_deforest_art


Who's Next?

We will be making a call for our second artist soon! If you are an up and coming artist or know someone who we should feature, please stay tuned! We will send out a call for our next artist and will include information here and on our social.