We are a woman-owned specialty roaster, retail boutique + coffee bar in Burlington, Vermont’s beautiful South End Arts District. Brio is a place for coffee professionals and enthusiasts to learn, connect and indulge.

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Monday-Friday: 8AM to 2PM


Saturday-Sunday: 8AM to 4PM


*Special hours for Small Business Saturday: 8AM to 5PM!

We're glad you're here, make yourself at home!


Brio Coffeeworks

A Burlington, Vermont Specialty Coffee Roaster, Coffee Bar, and Storefront for All Things Specialty Coffee

Welcome to Brio Coffeeworks — Vermont's premier specialty coffee roaster, and Burlington's preferred coffee bar and specialty coffee brewing equipment retail boutique! Located in the heart of the South End Arts District inside the Soda Plant, we're a short walk away from downtown Burlington.

If you're looking for an espresso, cappuccino, latte, iced or hot coffee, our coffee bar is open from Monday to Friday 8AM until 2PM and Saturday to Sunday from 9AM until 3PM. Whether you're a Vermont native, or just visiting the area and looking for the best coffee shop in Burlington VT, we'd love to share our coffees with you!

Freshly Roasted Specialty Coffee in Vermont

As a Vermont-based specialty coffee roaster, we aim to cultivate a community of specialty coffee enthusiasts throughout the state and beyond. We offer wholesale specialty coffee options for Vermont cafes and specialty coffee lovers throughout the United States, as well as online coffee subscriptions for coffee lovers looking to experience the full range of our offerings.

Find Your Favorite Coffee

Discover the exciting world of specialty coffee — browse our selection of single origin coffees! Carefully selected and ethically acquired from the farmers and distributors we work directly with, single origin coffees are precision-roasted to an ideal balance between a bright light roast and full-bodied medium or darker roast, and offer uniquely pronounced tasting notes. For the coffee enthusiast, our single origin microlot options offer seasonal options while prominently featuring artwork from local artists. For espresso lovers, we also offer a variety of espresso coffee beans for sale.

We also offer delicious blended coffees, flash-chilled coffee and espresso (like iced coffee, but better!), specialty instant coffee for those who don't want their "on-the-go" coffee experience to be any lesser than their typical morning cup, and decaf options for specialty coffee lovers looking to avoid caffeine.

Become A Coffee Person: Enhance Your Coffee Brewing Setup

If your home brewing equipment needs an upgrade, we also proudly stock the latest in coffee brewing equipment from brands like Fellow, Baratza, Hario, Chemex, Aeropress, Kalita and more. If you're looking for the best home espresso options, a better filter coffee experience or simply looking for accessories for your existing setup, we're happy to help get you the coffee brewing equipment and accessories you need.

Stop by our roastery today and we'll be happy to help you select the right beans for your palate, the right brewing equipment for your kitchen, and the right cup of coffee to brighten your day!