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Brio launched in 2014 and was founded by Magda and Nate Van Dusen. We are a woman owned business and pride ourselves on creating a fun and inclusive work environment that values excellence, kindness, community and love of delicious coffee! We are in the cusp of an exciting year and are thrilled to continue building our awesome small but mighty team.

- Current Open Positions -

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- A Little More About Us -

Our Mission is to connect a community of coffee enthusiasts with one another and the people who grow, process, and roast each bean. 

The tenets that inspire us to bring our all to each and every day at the roastery are: 

  • Sourcing exceptional coffees that clearly express the unique conditions and care under which they were grown.
  • Roasting lightly to bring forward the sweet, vibrant and complex flavors that we love.
  • Creating a space for shared learning and exploration of all things coffee (for our team, customers, partners and community).  

What We Do that Keeps Us Excited:

  • presenting our coffees to our customers in an approachable way. 
  • bringing creative concepts to life 
  • creating new and exciting ways to enjoy our coffees by creating new coffee lines like our Flash Chilled Coffees and Espresso line, Instant Coffees and Coffee Sodas.
  • serving a delightful specialty coffee menu at our coffees bar ranging from the beloved drip, espresso and espresso based drinks, as well as more creative coffee concoctions.
  • curating the best of home brew and espresso equipment and tools so our customers can brew better coffee at home.
  • supporting our wholesale partners.
  • sharing coffee knowledge with our customers and community 
  • building and maintaining relationship with those around us
  • keeping things fun, being kind and supportive to one another.

- A Bit About Our Team -

We are a small but mighty team organized around Production and Front of the House operations. The production team, lead by Nate, is responsible for sourcing & coffee logistics, roasting, quality control and distribution. Our Front of the House Team, lead by Magda, oversees bar and retail operations, community engagements, events, sales and marketing. 

We are a group of deeply committed individuals, who take ownership over our areas, while embracing collaboration with our team.

- Our Hiring Values & Benefits -

We celebrates the diversity of the human experience and we value a diverse and inclusive workplace. We strongly encourage women, BIPOC, LGBTQIA individuals, and foreign-born residents to apply to all of our open positions.    

We offer competitive compensation and benefits to all employees (including part-time). We value a healthy work-life balance with sustainable schedules and hours.

Our typical package for a full time entry-level new team members is:

Schedule: Monday-Friday, 8-5 (may include weekend as part of regular schedule).

Pay: hourly + potential for profit sharing bonuses; We are tip free!

Benefits: Health insurance benefits, paid time off (vacation, holidays, sick), paid professional development opportunities, coffee and employee equipment discounts. 

- Where's Our Tip Jar? -

If we're lucky enough to serve you a coffee drink at our bar, you will notice that we don't have a tip jar - and you won't find a tip line in our POS checkout. We are tip-free.

We're dedicated to providing an exceptional product and awesome customer experience. We're also committed to paying livable wages and provide benefits to all of our employees, no matter where they work in our company.

Our prices reflect these commitments. And we believe having a tip-free environment helps us do this.