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Espresso coffee from Brio Coffeeworks

There are few things in life better than putting 9 bars of pressure in a small cup. We love a strong, concentrated start to our day so we roast a number of coffees that will wake you up and pull an excellent shot through a home or professional machine. From our Mexico Chiapas to our ever-popular Calypso, we have an exciting and varied roster of bold beans that pack a punch; something for every espresso-lover who wants big flavor from a small cup.

Roasted with love in Burlington, VT

We bring beans from all over the world to our roastery in Burlington, Vermont to bring out the flavors we love to taste in our coffee. Our carefully selected espresso picks will please your machine and palate alike. Expertly crafted to bring out what the discerning drinker wants in their cup, you can't go wrong with any bag from this selection.

What are espresso beans?

Espresso beans are still coffee beans, so don't be afraid to put any of these in a multipurpose role: espressos are chosen as such because roasters like us think that they really shine when put through an espresso machine whether it be at home, or on the counter of your local cafe. When coffee is made in an espresso machine, unlike other brewing methods, the coffee is subjected to 9-10 bars of pressure, which emulsifies the oil in the brew and suspends dissolved solids in the cup, making a thicker, more viscous drink. A well pulled shot of espresso will have a beautiful golden crema sitting on top of the brew.

Choosing the right morning coffee for you: espresso vs. drip coffee

We talk about strong coffee when we talk about espresso, but does espresso wake you up more than a cup of drip coffee? Yes and no; espresso does have more caffeine by volume than drip coffee, but generally espresso drinks will only have a few ounces in them whereas drip will give you a lot more volume with a lesser density of caffeine. This means you can still enjoy a shot of espresso without being totally wired - just keep in mind that there's a lot of wakefulness in that tiny cup, in spite of its size.

Find your favorite espresso coffee beans for sale online at Brio Coffeeworks

Take a look at our selection of our espresso beans for sale for an idea of what you can expect the next time you pull a shot!