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Periscope - 12 oz.

Periscope - 12 oz.

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Tasting notes

Dark chocolate, honey + raspberry


Colombia + Ethiopia 


Finca El Naranjo + Suke Quto Farm







Spring/Summer 2022 Blend Components: Colombia + Ethiopia

Periscope is our rotating blend that explores two different coffee growing regions, blended to create a unique yet balanced flavor profile while retaining the distinctive character of each region.

This time, we are heading to Central America and Africa. We paired a very sweet and full-bodied coffee from Colombia with a lively coffee from Ethiopia. In the cup, the result is a well-balanced blend that is sweet, vibrant & complex. The citrus notes that characterize the Ethiopia cut through the sweet, chocolate tones of the Colombia in a manner both subtle and distinct. Periscope is delicious as espresso and plays well with milk while being a superstar as a drip.

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