Chemex ChemAer 8 Cup
Chemex ChemAer 8 Cup
$ 60.00

Chemex ChemAer 8 Cup



The newest from our friends at Chemex, a coffeemaker and aerator combined! This brewer offers an additional design feature to explore the nuances and flavors of the coffee after extraction. A unique and fun tool geared towards anyone who enjoys a good coffee experiment along with a great cup of coffee.
Great for single origin and special offering coffees.
  • Designed to aerate and oxygenate coffee (or wine!)
  • Provides enhanced engagement with the brew after extraction.
  • Can be used to aerate smaller 10oz. - 20oz. batches or brew up to a full 40oz. pot of coffee.
  • Made from non-porous borosilicate which will not impart any flavor or chemical residue into the coffee.
  • Heat resistant glass.
  • Glass handle for easy & elegant serving. 
For more on the new Aer feature, check this out: