Decaf Colombia - 12 oz.
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Decaf Colombia - 12 oz.

Tasting notes: Caramel, green apple, cinnamon 
"This isn't decaf, right!?" This was our reaction when this coffee wowed us the first time we tasted it. Characterized by its notable sweetness and lovely malic (apple) acidity, it stood up to its caffeinated cousins on the cupping table. We just knew we had to bring it in and share with our decaf loving fans. 
The particular lot is a blend of coffees grown by smallholder farmers who live and work in the area of La Plata in Huila, Colombia. After a stringent quality control sorting, it undergoing a unique decaffeination process right in Colombia (which is quite unusual as most of the time, coffees are sent out to facilities outside the country.) Dubbed "Decaf De Caña" by our importing partner, the coffee is decaffeinated using a solvent of ethyl acetate, derived from fermented sugar, to remove caffeine from the beans. 
The result is a stunning decaf coffee, maybe our favorite thus far. Delicious as a pour-over using Kalita Wave  or as a full immersion brew with the Aeropress.  It's also stellar as espresso, with its characteristic sweetness shining through. 
Want to know more about the Ethyl Acetate decaffeination? The process works by soaking green coffee in a solution ethyl acetate (E.A), which bonds to compounds in the coffee, allowing for the removal of caffeine. The coffee then is removed from the solvent and steamed at low pressure to remove the E.A. compounds, and the finished product retains its flavor integrity but contains almost no caffeine at all. (The beans will contain a maximum of 0.01–0.03% caffeine.). Check out a cool slideshow on the process from our friends at Cafe Imports.

Producer Smallholder farmers
Region La Plata, Huila, Colombia
Process Washed, Decaffeinated using Ethyl Acetate, derived from sugarcane
Elevation 1050 m
Cultivar Castillo, Colombia, Caturra


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