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Burundi Kirundo - 12 oz.

Burundi Kirundo - 12 oz.

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Tasting notes: Blackberry, butterscotch, hazelnut


In the Cup 

This is such an exciting coffee!  We love it for its unique syrupy body and intense sweetness. This coffee is complex, fruity, yet very approachable a truly unique combination. On drip, we taste blackberries, butterscotch and a hint of hazelnuts, with just a hint of lime as the coffee cools. 

This coffee also shines as espresso. The fresh blackberries turn into sweet blackberry jam, with a luscious and syrupy body. Delicious!

Origin & Producer 

This coffee comes to us from the Nyabikenke Washing Station in the Kiremba Commune of Ngozi, Burundi. 

All producers that bring their cherries to be processed at the washing station live on 1 of 8 hills surrounding the station. Throughout the year, around 629 small-holder farms (typically less than 1 hectare) deliver their cherries to the station. After picking, ripe cherries are brought to the washing station by the farmers, where they are floated upon arrival as a quality measure. Then, this washed lot is fermented in water for 24 hours and then dried for 11 days on raised beds before being exported.

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