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Decaf Colombia - 12 oz.

Decaf Colombia - 12 oz.

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We're always on the quest to find the most delicious decaf coffees for our decaf drinkers. That is why we're oh so excited for this delicious offering from Colombia. What truly sets it apart is the flavor and character due to the unique sugar cane decaffeination processing (chemical-free ethyl acetate derived from sugar cane). This coffee remains true to its original character, leaving any decaf "taste" behind.  

In the Cup

When we tasted this coffee first on the cupping table, we could hardly tell it was decaf!  What you can expect is lots of sweetness, notes of chocolate and caramel, with a creamy mouthfeel and a pleasant mild acidity.  As with all of our decafs, this coffee was decaffeinated using the chemical-free Mountain Water Process.

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