Copy of Artist Collaboration Series - Includes Call to Artist

We are excited to officially launch our brand new Artist Collaboration Series where we use our microlot and limited releases program to feature up and coming artists and their work.

We commission several illustrations for the limited releases throughout the year. We share the first sample roast of each coffee with the artist to see what the cup inspires and what creative magic finds its way onto the labels. Check out our collaborations so far in this virtual gallery and see all the details for our open call below!


We’re seeking our next local up and coming artist and coffee fan to work with us on our second Artist Collaboration Series labels! Please review all of the details and guidelines here and if ready - submit your application, we can't wait to hear from you!

deadline: 9/2


Art & Artist Requirements:

  • Artist must be Vermont-based.
  • Up and coming artists are encouraged to apply.
  • Artists from marginalized communities including BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, disabled, marginalized gender are encouraged to apply.
  • Artist must agree to Brio sharing submitted images and mention of artist in social media during selection period.
  • Artist will have creative control for label, but art should fit with the Brio brand. Guidance and feedback can be provided.
  • Artist must enjoy coffee:) (decaf is ok:)

Timeline and Deadlines:

  • 8/27 to 9/2 Open call period for artists 
  • 9/2 Open call submissions due 
  • 9/4 Next Artist selected 
  • 9/9 First label (final format) must be submitted - new artist label collaboration coffee to be released during 2021 Art Hop (9/10-9/12)

About Microlot Labels and this Commission

  • We will commission 6-8 labels over the course of several months from the selected artist (schedule and frequency depends on schedule of our coffee releases; has ranged from 4-8 months).  
  • For each label, we share the first sample roast of each coffee with the artist as inspiration. 
  • Art does not need to be coffee-themed or coffee related at all. It should be creative, a reflection of your work.
  • Labels in the series may be of same theme, but do not have to be; they can stand on their own.
  • We have the right to request edits on art submission.
  • Artist should provide a brief statement with each label on its inspiration. Brio will use this on the website, social media, and share the story with customers. 
  • Each label will be printed on a 4”x6” label; each label must be submitted in an AI or PDF format and include a ¼” bleed area
  • Each label should include the following:
    • Brio Coffeeworks (text only; logo not required)
    • Name of the coffee (we will provide)
    • Artist signature/name 

Additional Collaboration Series Opportunities

  • Brio will feature artist and artwork on website, social media and other marketing materials
  • Option to purchase prints of labels
  • Additional commission of artwork for limited release merchandise (i.e., Tee, cups etc)
  • End of series art show at Brio


  • $100 per final label
  • $300 for merch artwork 
  • Purchase of prints



Art and Coffee - Welcome to our Gallery! 

Mexico Finca La Estancia Anaerobic Natural  

"This is a wild coffee. When I first tried it, I recall being deliciously overwhelming...All the flavors seemed to flow nicely wit one another to seamlessly create a very enjoyable and nearly psychedelic drinking experience. I wanted the label to reflect this intense flavor experience I had." 

Colombia Villa Soffy Microlot

"The story that Emily (Brio roaster) shared with me about the coffee inspired thoughts of opportunity, growth and discovery. This idea continues to build off the narrative elements of previous labels. Here, we have our explorer searching for the 'perfect' cup in the ancient ruins of coffee gear."

 "Our astronaut coffee lover seeks out a coffee smoother and sweeter than the milky way itself. Let's hope they can find it and not get lost among the stars.




Costa Rica coffee artist series 
"Our wanderer has found the place where two worlds co-exists. Deep in the Costa Rican forest where the line between reality and legend are blurred, wondrous things happen."


"The excitement and flavor blast had me thinking along the themes of "mystery" and the thrill of finding something new.  I wanted to play with the white of the label/bag behind it. By using the steam/smoke motif, I created "windows" to reveal the background and dissolving away to reveal something interesting and mysterious."


"With coffee, there is a journey in every cup. I wanted this piece to show that journey through its elaborate and multicolored design.



2019-2020 Featured Artist 

Meet Matt deForest Jenkinsour first featured artist of this series. Matt is not only a talented illustrator and designer, but also a talented barista which makes this first collaboration extra special.  We fell in love with Matt's work several years ago for its whimsical visuals, stunning color compositions and overall playfulness.

Check out Matt's work here and on Instagram:@matt_deforest_art