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Colombia Finca El Naranjo - 12 oz.

Colombia Finca El Naranjo - 12 oz.

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Tasting notes: Dark chocolate, vanilla, concord grape. 


In the Cup 

Back for another season!! This coffee always creates lots of excitement around the roastery and on the cupping table. This season is no exception. You can expect a super rich cup (think dark chocolate), made sweeter by a note of vanilla, and made more complex by its juicy grape acidity. But what really stands out to us this season is how amazingly intense in flavor this coffee is. While being very approachable, it will deliver a delightful flavor punch!  

Origin & Producer 

Producer Evelio Bados has worked tirelessly to cultivate Finca El Naranjo from untouched land to a thriving coffee farm that he and his children can rely on, to later be passed down from generation to generation. He juggled maintaining and expanding his own land while being an active farmworker on other farms to provide for himself and his family. Now that his labor of love has come to fruition, he hopes that his children will carry on in his legacy, and continue producing amazing coffees from Finca El Naranjo.

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