MiiR Coffee Canister
MiiR Coffee Canister
$ 34.00

MiiR Coffee Canister

Over the years, we've been asked countless times how best to keep coffee beans fresh once the bag has been opened. We can finally say we have the perfect vessel for sealing in freshness and keeping your coffee bright and vibrant! The MiiR Coffee Canister is the perfect way to store your beans while showing off your love for Brio.  
We're proud to continue doing business with MiiR. Your purchase helps to fund clean water and health projects sponsored by Miir. To track the impact your purchase makes, scan the QR code on the bottom of your Coffee Cannister, or enter the give code here.
  • Accordion-style seal - how-to at MiiR.com/assembly
  • 18/8 stainless steel
  • Hardshell™ powder coat
  • Does not transfer flavor
  • Easy to clean BPA free
  • Lifetime warranty