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NextLevel Pulsar Brewer

NextLevel Pulsar Brewer

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    This unique brewer has become the favorite at the roastery!  The unique design of the brewer was a result of a collaboration with astrophysicist Jonathan Gagne. It gives you total control of your extractions. It's so easy to use and versatile, yet also perfect for those who want to experiment with flow rates and brew ratios. 

    Why we love this brewer and what makes it unique? 

    • Diffused pouring through a special dispersion cap.
    • No water bypass - so you can easily control the strength of your coffee
    • Uniform (and high) extractions that result in much more sweetness and balance.
    • Valved flow control - a unique feature where you can fully close the valve or have it wide open, or anywhere in between. Allows for so much control and is perfect for experimenting.  Close it during the bloom phase? Yes! Open it slowly for the remainder of the brew? Also yes. The possibilities are endless. 
    • Use with your favorite server.
    • Includes a pack of filters. You can buy an addition pack here
    • Made in the USA.

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