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Sumatra Lintong - 12 oz.

Sumatra Lintong - 12 oz.

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This is an exciting iteration of a classic wet-hulled Sumatra Lintong. Produced in the Lintongnihuta region of the country, on the southern shores of Lake Toba, this coffee has received a lot of care before arriving at our door and it's what sets it apart from other coffees from this region. 

In the Cup

This is a big coffee! 

We love the pops of grapefruit and lime acidity and the overall complexity of this coffee. It's juicy, yet has an amazing dark sugary sweetness (like the lightly sweet molasses and warm caramel undertones of panela).  There is so much going on in the cup and it makes us want to have another and another to fully explore all of its nuanced flavors. 

More on Wet-hulled Process

This coffee is grown by small-scale producers, each caring for approximately 1,000 trees on their land. Along with specific environmental factors to Indonesia, the wet-hulling process is what gives Sumatran coffee its distinct character and sets it apart from other coffees.

After the coffee cherries are picked, the producers depulp the coffee on their farms, removing the skins from the cherries. The cherries are stored overnight where they ferment and the mucilage is broken down by microorganisms. The remaining coffee husks are then washed to remove any remaining mucilage and then briefly sun-dried before moving it to a mill for hulling. What sets the Sumatran process is apart is that at this point when they are hulled, the coffee husks have a relatively high moisture content - much higher at which most coffees are hulled (hence the "wet-hulled" process.) After hulling, the coffee is further dried to achieve a specific moisture content and is further graded and inspected.

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