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Colombia Finca El Mango - 12 oz.

Colombia Finca El Mango - 12 oz.

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Tasting notes: Red Grape, Caramel, Hazelnut. 


In the Cup 

This is a big coffee, exhibiting heavy body and sweetness, balanced by juicy fruit notes reminiscent of red grape.  Other notes called out in our cuppings were cantaloupe, kiwi, and plum.  Finca El Mango is a new producer for us and we're excited to have them on-board.  We have featured coffees from this region of Colombia (Antioquia) and this importer (Arango Specialty Coffee) in the past, but never this specific farm. 

Origin & Producer 

Like other farms in the area, Gilberto and El Mango have experienced challenges owing to climate change, including diminished production yield, as well as a resurgence of armed groups that led to multiple displacements from the farm. Despite these obstacles, Gilberto has continued to produce excellent coffee and is expanding his plantings to incorporate new varietals like Chirosos and Pink Bourbon.  We are looking forward to experiencing all that he has to offer in the years to come!

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