Ethiopia Sidama Ardi Anaerobic Natural - 12 oz.
Ethiopia Sidama Ardi Anaerobic Natural - 12 oz.
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Ethiopia Sidama Ardi Anaerobic Natural - 12 oz.


Tasting notes: Blue raspberry, cotton candy, maraschino Cherry. Juicy & complex. 

In the Cup 

Our natural process Ethiopia Ardi has been a roastery and customer favorite over the years. When we tasted its anaerobically processed cousin, it didn't disappoint. In the anaerobic process, coffee (the full cherry) is sealed off in a pressurized tank deprived of oxygen where the coffee ferments. When done carefully and well, it yields a wonderfully unique cup. In this case, the coffee yields a juicy cup with a burst of fruit (think raspberry, blueberry), sweetness that reminds us of cotton candy, along with a silky body and a depth of flavor that's truly unique. We are ecstatic to add it to our lineup.

We've been having fun tasting this coffee alongside the classic naturally-processed Ethiopia Ardi. The character imparted by the anaerobic processing really shows through in the contrast.

Origin & Producer 

This coffee comes to us from our long-time importing partner, Keffa Coffee. Keffa is an Ethiopian-owned company that works closely with smallholder farms and washing stations in the Sidama region to ensure the highest quality. The coffee is sourced from smallholders surrounding the Kilenso Moconissa washing station and Keffa pays a premium for additional sorting at the station.

As a microlot offering, this coffee is also part of our Artist Collaboration series. The label was designed by the talented Phoebe Lo. The design reflects Phoebe's experience of tasting the coffee in the form of colors and shapes.

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