Nitro Flash Chilled Cans - Mexico Chiapas
$ 5.00

Nitro Flash Chilled Cans - Mexico Chiapas




This is a cold beverage that must be refrigerated. Therefore at this time, this is only available for pick up at the roastery. We are working on making this available for shipping through our website in the future but we cannot ship this product currently. 

Vibrant and complex, this is how we imagined the perfect cold coffee when we set out to create Brio's Flash Chilled cans. It's not cold brewed coffee. We brew it hot and rapidly chill before canning, to lock in the sweet, delicate flavors that characterize our coffees.  

We are excited to offer our Single Origin Mexico Chiapas in the Flash Chilled format. This coffee has a lot of sweetness, a syrupy body and a mild acidity. Prefer something brighter? Try our Flash Chilled Ethiopia Yirgacheffe instead. Or if you're fan of Costa Rican coffee, we have a great one from the Tarrazu Region as well. 

More Details:

  • We brew this coffee at a slightly higher strength than a regular cup so it's strong enough to pour over ice without getting too diluted. It's still great to drink straight as well. 
  • You can drink it still (as is), or as nitro (see instructions below).
  • This product must be kept refrigerated.


  • STILL - drink straight from the can or pour over ice
  • NITRO - shake can vigorously. Wait a few seconds, pour hard for a lovely creamy and velvety nitrogenated pour.